Ympäristöterveyden ja keuhkosairauksien tutkimuskeskus - The Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research (CERH) at the University of Oulu consist of a multidisciplinary group of researchers with background from various departments, such as the Institute of Health Sciences and Respiratory Medicine Unit and Institute of Clinical Medicine.

World Health Organization has designated the Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research as a WHO Collaboration Centre in Global Change, Environment and Public Health starting from May 2014.

In the Research Assessment Exercise 2013 of the University of Oulu the Research Community “GlobalHealth – Global Change, Geography, Environment and Public Health Research” including CERH received the best category A classification and a final rating of 5,5 (excellent – outstanding, rating 1–6). The report can be found online: http://www.oulu.fi/english/RAE2013/report.

The strategy of CERH is related to research, education and outreach activities related to the effects of global environmental health effects. The research activities are versatile and employ registry, population-based, clinical and experimental studies. The information is synthesized through meta-analyses burden of disease assessments.

CERH co-operates actively with national and international partners operating in the field of environmental health. An important activity of CERH is the close co-operation with WHO which has resulted in designation to a WHO Collaborating Center on Global Change, Environment and Public Health. This collaboration provides excellent possibilities for outreach of the produced and collected research information.

CERH produces and promotes both basic and postdoctoral education and arranges international courses in the field of global environmental change and human health.


Last updated: 27.6.2016