Climate change, housing and health (CLAIH)

Project name:

Climate change, housing and health (CLAIH)

Principal investigator:

Jouni Jaakkola

Co-principal Investigator:

Maritta Jaakkola

Other investigators:

Timo Hugg (project coordinator), Reginald Quansah, Risto Ruotsalainen, Hannele Ylilehto

Graduate students:

Salla Alavaikko, Sirpa Heikkinen, Henna Hyrkäs, Janne Kuisma, Ilkka Mehtonen, Elina Paaso, Mirkka Tuokila


The aims of the consortium are to combine the best knowledge on atmospheric modelling, exposure assessment, epidemiology, and risk analysis to

  1. Estimate the cardiorespiratory health effects of exposure to fine particulate air pollution from different sources, to low and high temperatures, and to ozone.
  2. Evaluate the role of housing and indoor air quality in mediating the health effects of climate change.
  3. Evaluate socioeconomic differences in exposure to and effects of air pollution.
  4. Estimate the future environmental health effects in Finland in 2030 under different global climate change, energy use and building structure scenarios, with focus on outdoor and indoor air pollution, ozone and temperature.

Find out optimal decisions to combat climate change driven health effects in Finland and identify further research needs.


We apply a prospective cohort study with the Espoo Cohort of 2568 children established in 1991. We conducted a 20-year follow-up data collection in 2010-11. We will also conduct linkage of environmental and health data to the cohort.


Current funding period 1.1.2009- 31.12.2012. This project is part of the on-going prospective cohort study initiated in 1990.


Academy of Finland SALVE Research program

Last updated: 28.6.2016