Moby Dig intensive study program (ISP) 2019

Moby Dig project provides mobility, transnational learning and teaching experiences

At the beginning of January 2019 students from Germany came to Oulu to participate the 10 days transnational biomaterial and chemistry course. The Erasmus funded course is a collaboration project with Baden-Wuttenberg Cooperative State University and Luleå University of Technology.

Mobility has an important role in this Moby Dig project. Teachers have training and project meetings at the partner universities. For the students this interdisciplinary course provided virtual mobility during the on-line course. In addition, students had the possibility to travel either to Luleå, Karlsruhe or Oulu for the intensive study programme.

At the University of Oulu teachers and researchers participating this project are from the Research Unit of Sustainable Chemistry.

Additional information:
MobyDig project homepage
Chemistry degree programme leader, Matti Niemelä


Last updated: 19.6.2019