Transnational course in Biomaterial and Chemistry (TCBC)

Moby Dig project provides mobility, transnational learning and teaching experiences

Moby Dig project provides an interdisciplinary Transnational course in Biomaterial and Chemistry (TCBC) that uses a combination of the ICT, virtual mobility and intensive study programme at LTU, Sweden, DHBW, Germany and Oulu University, Finland. This is done so that basic chemistry and biomaterials can be studied in a flexible, interactive way at the time and place that you as a student prefer but still within the teaching terms. This is done whilst under the guidance and with the expertise of university teachers and researchers working actively within the fields of chemistry and biomaterials. Group work and networking opportunities will allow you to interact with your European colleagues following the same course, allowing you to practice your language skills and establish your own network within Germany and Sweden. It also allows students to work alongside people from different disciplines giving you a broader prospective on careers and possibilities beyond University.

Mobility plays an important role in this Moby Dig project. Teachers have training and project meetings at the partner universities. For the students this interdisciplinary course provides virtual mobility during the on-line course. In addition, students have the possibility to travel either to Luleå, Karlsruhe or Oulu for the intensive study programme.

At the University of Oulu teachers and researchers participating this project are from the Research Unit of Sustainable Chemistry.

Additional information and information about the project multiplier event in Berlin 30.8.2019:
Moby Dig project homepage
Chemistry degree programme leader, Matti Niemelä

Course material:
Information about the student selection and course description
Open educational resources in chemistry and biomaterials: elearning modules, course materials and programs for the intensive study periods

Project duration:
01.09.2016 - 31.08.2019


Last updated: 11.9.2019