Health Tuesday - Cyber security and healthcare

Tiistai, joulukuu 5, 2017

Health Tuesday offers participants an excellent opportunity to discuss with professionals of health, well-being and health tech companies, decision makers, investors and representatives of the public sector. This time, theme of the event is cyber security and healhtcare. 


8:00    Opening words - Kari Kataja, Programme Manager, Tekes
8:05    Cyber Security - from thread to opportunity - Mika Kataikko, City of Jyväskylä
8:45    Local discussions and networking

Registration by December 1st. 

Tekes has taken over the coordination of this series of events from its original launcher, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Oulu is taking part in Health Tuesday events via webcast and a regional discussion and/or presentations to be held after the webcasting alongside small-scale breakfast. Health Tuesdays are organized on the first Tuesday of every month 8-9.30 am.

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