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Tiistai, helmikuu 5, 2019

Health Tuesday offers participants an excellent opportunity to discuss with professionals of health, well-being and health tech companies, decision makers, investors and representatives of the public sector. Interesting presentations will build a base for networking and discussions. Oulu is taking part in Health Tuesday events via webcast and a regional discussion and/or presentations to be held after the webcasting alongside small-scale breakfast.

Event begins with insights into CleverHealth Network streamed by Business Finland. In the local program, we'll discuss OuluHealth ecosystems access points and recent news. 

Health Tuesday: CleverHealth Network – Success stories and current opportunities


8:00 Webcast from BusinessFinland

Opening words
Auli Pere, Chief Adviser, Health & Wellbeing, Business Finland

CleverHealth Network – Ecosystem of digital health innovations
Mirka Tammi, Project Director, HUS

Remote monitoring of gestational diabetes - CleverHealth Network project example
Saila Koivusalo, M.D. Adjunct prof., HUS

CleverHealth Network from the company's point of view
Ville Väärälä, Client Executive, Fujitsu

8:45 Local program 

OuluHealth access points and recent news


If you want to share your company's story at Health Tuesday Oulu, please contact Veera Virta.

Event ends by 10:30.

Registration by February 1.

Health Tuesdays are organized every month's first Tuesday morning.


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