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7.7.2020 News

Tell us about your trial or smart solution with health data and analytics

Are you involved in a health or wellbeing related project that utilizes data and/or AI analytics? Do you want to tell about it to other health and wellbeing developers? Or has your organization come up with a solution that others should know about?

3.7.2020 News

Fresh materials to support in health data utilization

A checklist for health data assessment and a collection of practical tips and lessons learned released.

30.6.2020 News

Uusi tietopyyntö liittyen digitaaliseen kohtaamiseen palveluasumisessa julkaistu

Oulun yliopisto kutsuu palveluntuottajia vastaamaan Oulun ja Vantaan kaupunkien kanssa yhteistyössä toteutettavaan tietopyyntöön, jossa yrityksiä pyydetään tarjoamaan ratkaisuehdotuksiaan digitaaliseen kohtaamiseen palveluasumisessa.

3.3.2020 News

Tietopyyntö: Sosiaalipäivystyksen työtehtävien tilastointi mobiililaitteella

Oulun yliopisto kutsuu palveluntuottajia yhteistyössä Oulun kaupungin Hyvinvointipalveluiden kanssa vastaamaan tietopyyntöön, jolla yrityksiä pyydetään tarjoamaan ratkaisuehdotuksiaan Sosiaalipäivystyksen työtehtävien tilastointiin mobiililaitteella.  Tarpeena on helpottaa ja nopeuttaa sosiaalipäivystyksen tehtävien kirjaamista ja saada tietoa niistä koostetusti. Tarpeeseen haetaan helppokäyttöistä, liikkuvaan työhön soveltuvaa mobiiliratkaisua, jota voi käyttää reaaliaikaisesti Oulun seudullisessa sosiaalipäivystyksessä.  Valittavan ratkaisun kokeilu toteutetaan yhdessä Oulun kaupungin ammattilaisten kanssa osana 6Aika ’Co-created Health and Wellbeing’ (CoHeWe) -hanketta.

18.2.2020 News

First Digi-HTA recommendations published

In Digi-HTA assessment, the suitability of a digital health service is assessed for use in healthcare.

8.11.2019 News

Digi-HTA, the new method for assessing digital health services

Digital solutions are nowadays becoming everyday business also in healthcare sector.

10.4.2019 News

Can culture, art and health go together? OuluHealth launches an Innovation Process to improve social and healthcare services

How do cultural aspects help in the recovery process? Is it possible to use literature to improve home care services? An innovative cooperative model has been developed and taken into use by the OuluHealth ecosystem. Take up the challenge and join us in bringing up new ideas on how to apply elements of culture to improve social and healthcare services.

11.3.2019 News

Invitation for Open Innovation: CoHeWe Innovation Contest

University of Oulu and it's collaborator city of Oulu invites companies for open Innovation Contest as a part of 6Aika: Co-created Health and Wellbeing program.

28.11.2018 News

Proof of Concept opportunities in digital health

Have you ever encountered challenges regarding availability, usability, or quality of data in your research work? Have you recognized other challenges in data utilization or AI applications? Do you have ideas or experiences about solving these challenges? Or are you currently preparing a project or research initiative related to digital health, where this kind of challenges could be expected?

Join us for discussions about these questions in DigiHealth Hub workshops in December and January! 

19.10.2018 News

Artificial intelligence prevents diseases and promotes wellbeing

Published in AI Finland blog on October 15, 2018

2.7.2018 News

University of Oulu participates in two European Commission FET-Flagship initiatives

The University of Oulu participates in two initiatives, DigiTwins and ALOHA!, invited to enter the next stage of the three stage process towards becoming an EU Flagship for Future and Emerging Technologies (FET).  

13.6.2018 News

University of Oulu and OuluHealth ecosystem invest in strengthening the competence in digitalization of health

Council of Oulu Region has granted a 679 000 € funding for DigiHealth Knowledge Hub –project, coordinated by the University of Oulu, from European Regional Development Fund until summer 2020. The objective is to increase competence and capacity amidst the rapid progress of health and wellbeing digitalization.

23.5.2018 News

We're hiring!

Open positions for Digital Health and Data Specialists

15.5.2017 News

OuluHealth proudly presents: Scandicode - An example of OuluHealth collaboration boosting business

‘OuluHealth´s support in product conceptualisation, usability testing and financing has been most invaluable for us. It has enabled us to go forward with our idea to see how far we can reach’. Juho Mattila, CEO, Scandicode

3.4.2017 News

YSI innovation competition is open

The YSI project (University Hospitals as Innovation Platforms) aims at creating a productive health care system that supports innovations, effective ways of working, and creation

6.2.2017 News

Venturing Research Challenge winning solution utilizes simple smart sensors to analyze surrounding environments

Venturing Research Challenge (VRC), a fast-track business bootcamp bringing together students and researchers at the University of Oulu climaxed with five teams pitching their research commercializ

29.11.2016 News

Ideating data based services for supported living of seniors

A workshop for companies interested to develop new data based services for seniors, especially for those suffering from memory disorders or depression was organized November 24th in the

3.11.2016 News

MAGIC post-stroke tool competition is open

The European pre-commercial procurement MAGIC project has launched its call for tender to find suppliers who can develop and test solutions to improve stroke recovery, home-based rehabilitation and

1.11.2016 News

Developing ideas from the clinical need towards health tech business

The need-based ideas of clinical professionals and researchers are tested and developed towards new health technology business in the Innovation Process in Health Technology Ecosystem project.

20.10.2016 News

Opportunity for funding - searching for two more Health PoC projects

In the HealthTech Proof of Concept funding there are still opportunities for two PoC-projects.

20.10.2016 News

Call for Test Cases - Nordic Test Beds testing opportunity for new healthcare products and innovations

Nordic Test Beds project is searching for five new cases to be tested in the Nordic university hospital based test beds. The call is open until October 31, 2016.

11.10.2016 News

Digital Health Revolution is driving MyData transformation

Digital Health Revolution project, aiming to create new ways to support individual in maintaining his/her health and well-being, has been going on from August 2014.