Developing ideas from the clinical need towards health tech business

The need-based ideas of clinical professionals and researchers are tested and developed towards new health technology business in the Innovation Process in Health Technology Ecosystem project. To identify the business potential of the research and product ideas in the early stage, altogether 180 000 € will be distributed in the project for University of Oulu researchers as Proof of Concept (PoC) funding.

“The project is on a roll and the first results look promising. For example, Thevenot and Saarakkala’s project has received 500.000€ TUTLi funding from Tekes. PoC-funding enabled them to do the early stage testing and get the evidence needed for the Tekes funding. They are now working with developing their research towards business”, Project Coordinator Veera Virta says.

By December 2016 PoC funding has been admitted to:   

  • Miika Nieminen and Markus Mäkinen for developing automated histopathological diagnosis of cancer tissue
  • Jérome Thevenot and Simo Saarakkala for developing a novel non-invasive multimodal osteoarthritis knee diagnostic device
  • Janne Remes and Jani Katisko for developing an optical instrument to be used in real-time imaging during brain surgery
  • Teemu Myllylä and Vesa Kiviniemi for developing multimodal brain sensor for dementia studies
  • Juha Röning, Teemu Myllylä and Matti Huotari for developing a device for measuring nasal base blood flow for anesthesia monitoring
  • Anssi Mäkynen for novel caries detection technology development
  • Jani Yli-oja and Heikki Karjula for developing and testing of device prototype for preventing complications after gastrosurgery operations
  • Tero Klemola for developing gait recognition system based on inertial sensor technology

“The feedback from the first funding round was positive. Researchers saw this kind of funding instrument attractive as enabler for fast testing of new concepts and ideas to see if they are promising enough for further product development and research without need for several years project. Also, as in the TUTLi case, it can be a pathway for larger grants that without the initial evidence assembled by the PoC funding would not be granted”, Virta summarizes.

The Innovation Process in Health Technology Ecosystem project, running from August 2015 to July 2017, is funded through the European Regional Development Fund. The Proof of Concept cases of the project serve as a basis for development and testing of new operations model for university, hospital and companies. Project partners include Centre for Health and Technology (coordinator), University of Oulu Innovation Services and OuluHealth Labs along with the group of companies. 

For more information contact Project Coordinator Veera Virta, veera.virta(at)

Last updated: 13.12.2016