DigiHealth Hub is a focal point of support in the fields of data-driven health and wellbeing innovations, and deploying and assessing digital health services

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DigiHealth Hub

    DigiHealth Hub, in collaboration with Digital Health research programme and OuluHealth ecosystem, supports digital transformation in the health and wellbeing sector by providing access to the latest knowledge, scientific expertise, technology and easy entry to innovation ecosystems and multi-partner cooperation (regional, national, international).

    DigiHealth Hub is a focal point of support in the fields of

    • Health data practices and competences in analytics for data-driven health and wellbeing innovations
    • Deployment and assessing digital health services (mHealth, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics)

    We support research and innovation to solve challenges in data-driven health and wellbeing by 

    • Increasing knowledge by sharing best practices and expertise
    • Boosting innovation by creating and providing new tools, methods, and guidance
    • Opening collaboration opportunities by building and coordinating new research and innovation partnerships   
    Our Services
    We support our customers - researchers, businesses, and service providers - in research and innovation of data-driven health and wellbeing
    DigiHealth Hub offers guides, tools, and methods to our customers and shares digital health success stories. In addition, DigiHealth Hub provides access to its wide partnership networks and acts as a broker between the customer and the networks, and brings together relevant stakeholders.

    Guides, Tools, and Methods

    Practical tools to help you in utilizing health data and assessing the effectiveness of digital healthcare services/solutions (Health Data Guide, Digi-HTA)
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    Outreaching, Collaboration, and Strategic Partnerships

    We help you in identifying the right partners and forms of collaborations

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    Success Stories and Lessons Learnt

    A collection of success stories in developing and implementing novel data-driven service innovations
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    DigiHealth Hub coordinates OuluHealth Digital Innovation Hub, which supports companies in developing their ideas into market-ready products and services by providing support in activities such as identifying opportunities for digitalisation, bringing together relevant stakeholders, providing testing and piloting platforms and environments, offering services for growth and internationalisation, and hands-on training.
    About DigiHealth Hub
    DigiHealth Hub integrates into OuluHealth ecosystem, strengthening its status as a leader in the field of digital health. The aim of DigiHealth Hub is increasing the innovations and vitality related to digital health and providing means for companies to reinforce their competitiveness. Hub is being built in DigiHealth Knowledge Hub –project, funded by European Regional Development Fund (Council of Oulu Region), University of Oulu Faculty of Medicine, and BusinessOulu.