Digi-HTA Criteria Tool

Digi-HTA is a criteria tool for assessing digital healthcare services' (eg. mobile apps, AI solutions, and robotics) suitability for use in healthcare. It covers key elements of healthcare services, such as effectiveness, costs, usability, and safety. Based on the criteria, experts conducting health technology assessments (HTA) can give recommendations on how suitable different products are for use in healthcare. The recommendations support health policy and clinical decision making. The product developers and manufacturers can use the criteria also for self-assessment and in product development.

In addition to Digi-HTA Framework, Digi-HTA utilizes two requirement documents that are developed in Kyber-Terveys –project as data security and protection assessment criteria.

The Digi-HTA tool is available on request (Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

To learn more about the Digi-HTA or to get your service into the assessment process, check 
The Finnish Coordination Centre for Health Technology Assessment (FinCCHTA)

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Digi-HTA was developed in DigiHealth Hub project, in collaboration with The Finnish Coordination Centre for Health Technology Assessment (FinCCHTA) and the University of Oulu's MIPT research group. FinCCHTAcoordinates Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Finland, cooperates with international HTA bodies, as well as develops HTA methodological training and strengthen its related research.