Digital Health Revolution is driving MyData transformation

Digital Health Revolution project, aiming to create new ways to support individual in maintaining his/her health and well-being, has been going on from August 2014. The goal of the project is to enable the utilization of health and wellbeing data about the individual as part of personal, preventive services, still respecting human-centric control and privacy. In recent years the same focus has been included in national health and social care strategies, governmental programme, as well as in EU wide initiatives.

“Healthcare has long been based on closed data. We are developing options that take into account the vaste health related information that is not found in patient records”, Maritta Perälä-Heape, Digital Health Revolution Project Leader and Director of Centre for Health and Technology says.

The world is changing rapidly. “We were in the forefront in Finland when we started our project. At that time even the term mydata, referring to personal data that the individual can access and control, was not generally understood, but currently entrepreneurs are more and more understanding the value of personal data in business”, Perälä-Heape says. Indeed, opening data for authorized access via digital interfaces is expected to open remarkable global business opportunities. It will help businesses to reach new customers, and to develop services that fit true end user needs.

Improved mydata understanding is partly due to the active company collaboration carried out in Digital Health Revolution. “We´ve spread the word and established more deep collaboration with dozens of companies, both small and large, including technology businesses, insurance companies, teleoperators and wellbeing and exercise service providers”, Perälä-Heape says. Also cooperation with ministries and other public actors is an integral part of the work.

In addition, Digital Health Revolution consortium has done a lot more to promote the transformation towards human-centric open business environment enabling personal data utilization.

“We´ve constructed technological solutions taking into account security and privacy regulation, co-created open environment business models, value chains and service concepts, designed user interfaces and visualizations, and set up completely novel health check-up pilot utilizing comprehensive health, wellness and lifestyle monitoring data together with genomic, metabolomic and microbiome data. So this really is a holistic approach“, Perälä-Heape summarizes.

But the consortium is hungry for more. The next steps include for example EU level collaboration on personal data management and policy making, and even more active startup involvement. “MIDAS (Meaningful Integration of Data, Analytics and Services) project, kicked off this autumn and funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, is a great continuation of our work”, Perälä-Heape says. The MIDAS project aims to harness the power of big data to transform healthcare policy across Europe.

Digital Health Revolution project is coordinated by Centre for Health and Technology and involves project partners from Universities of Oulu, Helsinki, and Lapland, Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology and Technical Research Center of Finland. The project was started in year 2014, and will continue until 2017. Digital Health Revolution is funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The total budget of the project is about 10 M€.

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Last updated: 2.11.2016