Five new healthcare solutions were selected for testing in NoTeB project

Five new solutions have been selected for testing in Nordic Test Beds project based on the project´s autumn call for test cases. “The most important selection criterias in the evaluation were clear need for the product or solution in hospital environment, uniqueness of the idea and suitability for testing”, Project Manager Kalevi Virta says.

The five candidates selected for testing are: Druglog solution improving the patient safety of intravenous drugs prepared at the hospital ward, HangOn Box designed to hold a patient´s personal belongings, HELGE (Hemolysis Level Gauge Equipment) for identification of hemolysed blood samples at the point of care, Monidrop device enabling accurate and safe intravenous therapy, and Triple A system, enabling alcohol consumption monitoring before and after surgery. “We had many interesting applications, and it is exciting to see how the healthcare professionals in the testing phase will evaluate the selected cases”, Virta says.

Three of the selected test cases have clear potential in improving patient safety in the hospitals: Triple A system consisting of smartphone application and caregiver webportal monitors low to mid -level alcohol consumption pre- and post-surgery in order to prevent complications and promote recovery. Druglog verificates the content and concentration of intravenous drugs via fast UV-vis analysis and Monidrop ensures more accurate intravenous therapy than currently is typically conducted.

The two remaining solutions, HELGE and HangOn Box, on the other hand, are more clearly solutions that could reduce costs and/or improve productivity. HELGE tackles millions of blood samples taken every year that cannot be analyzed because of hemolysis. HELGE solution provides a simple point of care test to control the quality of the blood sample taken. Practical and pragmatic innovation HangOn Box helps to keep patient´s personal belongings safe during patient relocation between the hospital wards.

Testing of the selected solutions will start in January 2017. From altogether 15 cases to be tested in Nordic Test Beds project, seven remain to be selected during spring 2017. Stay tuned for further information!

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Last updated: 22.12.2016