Ideating data based services for supported living of seniors

A workshop for companies interested to develop new data based services for seniors, especially for those suffering from memory disorders or depression was organized November 24th in the University of Oulu. Industry partners and researchers gathered to workshop to learn and discuss about the aims and challenges of supported living of seniors.

In the beginning of the workshop research information about residential environments supporting the activity of seniors suffering from memory disorders were discussed. In addition, birth cohort studies of the University of Oulu, offering information about depression and memory disorders, were shortly presented to workshop participants. View on current service pathway of senior person moving from his/her own home to supported living was provided by Caritas Palvelut Oy.

Other participating companies included Elomatic Oy, Haltian Products Oy, Scandicode Oy, Seniortek Oy, SEP Solutions Oy and Vivago Oy. In the workshop the ideating of future service pathways for supported living of seniors was initiated. The service pathways will be processed further in the next workshop to be organized in the beginning of the next year.

Services supporting good long life are ideated and developed as part of Insights and business from data (Datasta oivalluksia ja bisnestä) project going on from 1.8.2016 – 31.12.2017. The project aims to find new ideas and insights by data mining, and refine these to new products and services. In addition to services related to supported living of seniors, services for travellers in Helsinki-Vantaa airport and its neighbourbood (Aviapolis) are developed in the project. The project partners include cities, universities and associations. The project is funded through the 6Aika programme (Open data and interfaces) of European Regional Development Fund. Additional funding is provided by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Tradea Oy and Hartela Oy.

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Last updated: 29.11.2016