New eHealth solutions were tested by medical students

Around 140 fifth-year undergraduate medical students of the University of Oulu gathered to participate in an eHealth seminar and a demo day on Tuesday, April 18th to test digital healthcare solutions developed by approximately 30 companies and research groups.

“The event provides entrepreneurs and researchers who present their products, prototypes or ideas with practical feedback on product usability from healthcare professionals. Simultaneously healthcare professionals learn how to use new solutions in their work with patients. For them, it is important to be able to estimate the health benefits of new solutions, and to know which patients they are suitable for”, says Annu Tertsunen, Chief Physician of Finnish Medical Association.

During the education event, different solutions were presented and tested. One of them was Oulu-based Monidor´s Monidrop device which enables accurate and safe intravenous therapy.“We participated in this event also last year and were satisfied. We´re excited to hear what medical students think about the new features of our device”, says Mikko Savola, CEO at Monidor.

This year research groups were invited to attend the event as well. Simo Hosio, a research scientist at the Center for Ubiquitous Computing at the University of Oulu, presented a national back pain research project in which he is involved. In the project, crowdsourcing is utilized to assess the best practice treatments for lower back pain. “Nonspecific back pain is a common condition and its treatments do not always work as planned by clinicians. We collect opinions on successful and suitable treatments from both patients and doctors. The more opinions we have, the better results we will get", explains Hosio.

According to students, solutions which provide healthcare professionals with decision making support were evaluated as particularly useful. Also, tools for managing patient well-being and a doctor-patient chat (see picture: medical students are testing Ninchat customer care chat) attracted a great deal of their attention. They found them helpful and relatively easy to use. Once all these solutions have been introduced into practice, they can facilitate clinicians’ work and improve treatment of patients.

The University of Oulu started medical students´ education on eHealth and mHealth together with companies in 2016. The yearly eHealth education event is organized in cooperation with Medical Faculty and Centre for Health and Technology at the University of Oulu, Finnish Medical Association and OYS TestLab.


Last updated: 15.5.2017