Fresh materials to support in health data utilization

A checklist for health data assessment and a collection of practical tips and lessons learned released.

DigiHealth Hub aims to increasing knowledge and boosting innovation by sharing information and providing new tools, methods, and guidance.  The most recent resources are the Health Data Assessment Checklist and a collection of practical tips and lessons learned

Health Data Assessment Checklist outlines a roadmap for conducting research or development project that utilizes health data. It can be used as a tool that helps you keeping track of all the things that need to be covered and taken care of. 

Practical tips and lessons learned is a compact summary of the things our stakeholders and we have learned along the way of conducting different research and development projects in the field of digital health. It provides information on possible challenges or roadblocks, and also some tips on how to solve them. 

Take a look and let us know what you think! 


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Last updated: 3.7.2020