Smart RDI environment for digital solutions in health and well-being


Project description

The digital development needs have been highlighted during the pandemic in the health and well-being sector. Achieving a carbon-neutral society also requires investment in health and well-being innovation.

The aim is to develop the unique RDI environment of the OuluHealth ecosystem to promote the rapid development and implementation of digital solutions for well-being and health, taking into account sustainable development. The RDI environment with its operating models and services promotes digitalization and supports the co-development of wireless technologies, data-enabled virtual solutions (eg VR / AR devices) and mobile services. In addition, the development of new data-based services and business is supported when developing novel digital path solutions for the customers.

The project's activities will strengthen the digital transition of companies and the development of data-based business, as well as innovation cooperation partnership. The project creates completely new know-how and capabilities in the RDI environment of the OuluHealth ecosystem to support and accelerate the implementation of wireless digital solutions. It takes into account the goals of sustainable development and gender equality in its operations. The development of digital health services independent of time and place will significantly support access to care and equality of people throughout the region. The project involves several different target groups, taking into account gender, age, level of education and expertise. Issues are promoted in a multidisciplinary way, so the gender distribution is also evenly distributed in the operating environment of this project. The project promotes people's well-being by promoting the development of proactive, preventive and individual well-being and health services and their better accessibility.


Project coordinator

University of Oulu

Project results

Utilizing digital technologies, wireless solutions and virtual reality in new service structures is essential to be able to deliver time and place-independent wellness and health service solutions. The project will create completely new know-how and capabilities in the RDI environment. The RDI environment accelerates the digitalization of companies and the public sector and the development of products, service processes and services, especially from the perspective of recovery from the corona pandemic. It supports and accelerates the deployment of wireless and digital solutions and increases the capacity for modern data-based innovation, service development and data management in remote and self-management healthcare.