University of Oulu and OuluHealth ecosystem invest in strengthening the competence in digitalization of health

Council of Oulu Region has granted a 679 000 € funding for DigiHealth Knowledge Hub –project, coordinated by the University of Oulu, from European Regional Development Fund until summer 2020. The objective is to increase competence and capacity amidst the rapid progress of health and wellbeing digitalization.

The granted funding will reinforce the multidisciplinary research related to digitalization of health and the already existing OuluHealth innovation ecosystem. The project creates national and international competence networks to scan, gather, and share information about the best methods of sharing and using health data, to support company collaboration, and to confirm knowledge related to data security and protection and for example to AI applications in health and social care.

Health and wellbeing sector is facing a significant change as the digital technologies evolve. At best, the new technologies can streamline services, improve care, and control the growth of healthcare costs while also promoting the emergence, growth, and internationalization of businesses. The fast growth and transformation of the sector create also challenges as the need for novel capacities increase simultaneously among business and healthcare professionals.

“With this funding, we are able to meet this need, and actually we’re currently recruiting specialists to create and coordinate the key competence networks in the project. While doing this, we also build capacity for creating a strong digital health competence center in the future”, tells University of Oulu’s professor of practice Maritta Perälä-Heape.

“For companies, this will produce benefits through access to cutting-edge expertise and co-creation and co-design networks, and support in health data practices, impact evaluation, and business clustering”, adds Heidi Tikanmäki, Key Account Director in Life Sciences at Business Oulu.

University of Oulu’s Centre for Health and Technology (CHT), at the Faculty of Medicine, carries the main responsibility of achieving the project’s goals. The operations will integrate in Oulu Innovation Alliance’s OuluHealth ecosystem.


Additional information:

Director, Professor of Practice Maritta Perälä-Heape, Centre for Health and Technology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu
p. +358 40 6734159,



Last updated: 13.6.2018