Can culture, art and health go together? OuluHealth launches an Innovation Process to improve social and healthcare services

How do cultural aspects help in the recovery process? Is it possible to use literature to improve home care services? An innovative cooperative model has been developed and taken into use by the OuluHealth ecosystem. Take up the challenge and join us in bringing up new ideas on how to apply elements of culture to improve social and healthcare services.

 The positive effect of art and culture on both physical and mental health has already been proved. The main idea of the OuluHealth innovation challenge is to find new ways of combining art and culture with social and healthcare for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals. You can provide suggestions not only on how to improve services themselves, but also ideas on how cultural aspects could be visible through design of premises, facilities, furniture and technology.

The best ideas will be selected by the OuluHealth ecosystem’s Innovation Management Team and further developed as a part of the OuluHealth Innovation Process.

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Last updated: 10.4.2019