History of CIRU Platform

CEE (Centre for Environment and Energy) has been established to coornidate research done in green business sector in Oulu region. As material efficiency has a major effect on environmental area of research earlier actions under CIRU co-operations are now re-established under CIRU Platform coordination effort year 2013.

Major part of this work was done earlier by different laboratories from Oulu University as they had established CIRU - Centre (Centre for Industrial Residue Utilisation) in year 2004. Laboratory of process metallurgy coordinated research together with laboratory of water resources and environmental engineering and with laboratory of environmental technology within process industry from Helsinki University of Technology (HUT). Laboratory of mechanical process technology and recycling from (HUT) affiliated into CIRU at summer 2006.

CIRU Platform is umbrella organisation  which includes all our environmental projects. The main focus of CIRU is gather information, coordinate research and be a link between environmental authorities, industry and end users. In the beginning  our research is focused on pyro- and hydrometallurgical residues and utilization of those. In the future we are going to expand our action to all the fields of process industry by covering all kind of inorganic residues.

Last updated: 28.10.2013