RAE - Symbiosis pellet expands ecology

The objectives of the project:

1. To promote granulation in Finland
2. To develop new ecological products in pellet form from by-productcs
3. To develop symbiotic products that save the exhaustible natural resources and primary raw materials
4. To reduce the carbon footprint of products in use
5. To create a platform for innovations that create new business in a variety of industries
6. To bring reliable research results as a basis of legislation and decision-making in order to have new products approved
7. To promote international cooperation

The scope of applications for granulation includes ecological fertilization for forestry, reducing the nutrient loading of water bodies as well as use in road construction and earth work. Research on the environmental impacts of the use of  ash has already been conducted in Finland by Metla (The Finnish Forest Research Institute) among others.




Last updated: 24.2.2014