RAE - Symbiosis pellet expands ecology

Large quantities of industrial by-products or exploitable materials classified as waste are still not used effectively, sometimes not at all. Several by-product fractions could be exploited nationally and also internationally.

Finland's new waste management strategy drafted according to the EU strategy requires us to seek improvements on the current situation. The current Waste Tax Act from 2011 has changed the technical and econimic setting so that new ways of exploiting industrial side streams and waste materials have become more profitable. A good example of this is Oulu where new business has been created to exploit industrial rejects in a materially efficient way.

The RAE project (Symbiosis pellet expands ecology) aims at responding to these changes by studing the possibilities of exploiting granulated by-products. In previous research granulation has already been found to be one of the primary conditions to enable large scale productisation of by-products. There have already been several research projects, but commercial and industrial production has waited for the operating conditions to improve from a business point of view.

A new value in the research is the value chain where a new adsorbent is developed from bio ash for waste water treatment to adsorb nutrients. A bio ash product thus modified could be used for example in forest fertilization and this would give multiple benefits from a material that otherwise would need to be disposed of as waste. At the same time we create new ecologically and materially effective, cost-effective business according to the principles of sustainable development. if we can find a sufficiently large user base for the products that are currently being developed, we would need up to ten granulation facilities in Finland. Furthermore, road construction and earth works are one opportunity for an ash-based strong pelletized material developed as a symbiosis product. Regarding this, the project will also launch some experiments on new innovative ideas.

Last updated: 24.2.2014