Actions and measures

The project consist of nine sets of measures. Each set aims at results that would help SMEs with clear instructions as to how they can carry out the actions and produce different products. Existing research is also collected in all the nine sectors of the project.

1. Testing the materials on a laboratory scale (Oulu University of Applied Sciences, University of Oulu, Aalto University)
2. Tests for fertilization on a smaller scale (The Finnish Forest Research Institute, Metla)
3. Long term experiments in forest fertilization and the treatment of alum soil (Metla)
4. Water treatment applications, including removal of humus with the EC (electrocoagulation)  method (University of Oulu)
5. Type approval, standardization (University of Oulu)
6. Quality and variation of raw materials (University of Oulu)
7. Road construction and earth work with pellets (University of Oulu)
8. Legistlation and life cycle assesment (Aalto University)
9. Economic efficiency (Aalto University)

Last updated: 24.2.2014