EU funded projects

The University of Oulu and other Oulu region R&D partners have gained an extensive expertise in accessing, managing, implementing and monitoring EU funded projects, acting as a partner and supporting companies in accessing EU funded schemes for R&D.

We have actively participated in the European Union Research and Development Framework Programmes for R&D. Research partnerships between the EU, the private sector and EU Member states have presented their first calls for projects and partners under Horizon 2020, the European Union's €80 billion research and innovation programme. We are currently actively seeking new innovative partnerships related to this. If you are also in need of such a partnership, please contact our specialists.

Some of the current major projects at the University of Oulu (in the area of material efficiency) can be found here.

For SME's in need of a partner for calls related to material efficiency, please read the below:

If you wish to respond to a call, you must submit a proposal. The Participant Portal has clear instructions to guide you through the process. The system is simpler tha ever - no more paper! All proposals are submitted online. To help to get your ideas rolling, please contact us and let us see if we can help each other in innovation actions. Many of the calls require a team of at least three partners. If you need help to identify a potential partner with particular competences, facilities or experience, we can use our contact networks to find suitable partners for you.

Last updated: 5.8.2014