Clean Room

Production of components based on micro- and nanotechnology requires a clean environment where all the small dust particles are removed by using effective HEPA-filters and ventilation. Also humidity and temperature are carefully controlled. Personnel working in the clean room must wear special clean room clothing, which prevents the clean room from contaminating by the dust particles falling off from the human body.

Total clean room area is 550 square meters. The clean room of the CMNT is divided in to three cleanness classes based on the purity of the indoor air covering the ISO-standard classes ISO5-ISO7. For processing chemicals that require a special atmosphere, a glove box is available. The floor plan of the clean room is presented below.

Clean room has two chemistry labs, which are equipped with fume hoods. Lithography room and both of the chemistry labs are supplied with yellow safe lights and UV-windows to enable the handling of UV-sensitive chemicals.

Clean room is supplied with several outlets of ultrapure water, nitrogen gas, and compressed air. Ultrapure water is produced in the separate water plant by reverse osmosis and ion exchange filters. After the purification process the resistivity of the water is 1018 Ωcm.

Last updated: 18.2.2020