Working in the clean room

Access control

The use of the clean room is monitored with the access control system. Before a new user can enter to the clean room he must contact the personnel of the CMNT. The personnel will familiarize the new users how to work in the clean room and to the safe use of the equipment. After the training you get the free access to the clean room.

Cleanroom clothing

The main source of impurity particles is the person himself. Every second a huge amount of small dust particles falls from the human body, which is the reason protective clothing must be used. For the rooms with the purity standard ISO6 and ISO7, the clothing containing overalls, hood, and gloves are sufficient. In the rooms with the purity ISO5, also face mask and extra boots are required.


Some of the equipment and processes contain toxic chemicals and gases. In these cases extra care is required when operating the devices. For the detection of the hazardous gases in the indoor air, an automatic monitoring and alarm system is installed. Also lasers installed in the clean room require some precautions from the operators. The personnel of the center will instruct the proper working methods and the use of equipment.


Clean room is equipped with automatic neutralization and cleaning systems which prevent the hazardous liquid and gaseous chemical waste from ending up to the environment. All the solid waste is also processed in the proper way.

Last updated: 18.2.2020