For the companies

All the center’s facilities and services are also available for companies and other institutes. Companies can use cleanroom and devices in their R&D work and one of the aims of the CMNT is to help the companies to utilize micro and nanotechnology in their products. All research related to companies is strictly confidential (with NDA if required).

Examples of services for companies

  • Laser cutting of materials
  • Repairing of microcircuits with FEI Helios DualBeam focused ion beam (FIB) device. CMNT is the only place in Finland offering this kind of repair service. The personnel of the center have over 15 years of experience of microcircuit modification. 
  • Testing of integrated circuits with fully-automatic Tokyo Electronics P-8XL wafer probe system.
  • Preparations of photolithography masks
  • Full thick film processing line based mostly on the equipment of the Microelectronics and materials physics laboratories which are installed in the cleanroom. The line can be used for example in small scale production.
  • Development of optical components by using PECVD and RIE processes
  • Ellipsometery measurement of thin films
  • Raman measurements of solids and liquid samples
  • RTA heat treatment and annealing of materials
  • Imaging and analysis of samples by using electron microscopes
  • Crystal structure analysis by using x-ray diffraction
  • Elementary analysis of different materials

For the University of Oulu

The cleanroom and research equipment of the Microscopy and Nanotechnology Center are available for all the units and research groups of the University of Oulu. New devices are procured based on the need of the users. The focus of the purchases is on the devices which are applicable to the many different fields of research and thus will have the greatest impact and value for investment.

Last updated: 7.5.2018