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12.10.2018 News

Dr. Li Liu appointed Assistant Professor position in CMVS

One of the tenure track Assistant Professor positions which were open in fall 2017, has been filled by D

23.8.2018 News

CMVS Prof. Janne Heikkilä promoted to IAPR fellow

Professor Janne Heikkilä receives IAPR Fellowship in the I

14.8.2018 News

Prof. Janne Heikkilä from CMVS was interviewed by Academy of Finland

Machine vision research is an important part of the development of artificial intelligence:

20.12.2017 News

CMVS researcher Dr. Miguel Bordallo López to international innovation finals

Imagine a doctor wearing a camera-based device to unobtrusively monitor a patient’s physiological measurements or diagnosing possible diseases by simply observing a patient’s face from a distance. Sounds convenient, right?

10.11.2017 News

CMVS has been successful in Academy of Finland ICT 2023 calls

CMVS has succeeded well in the latest funding decisions made by the Academy of Finland.

29.9.2017 News

Annual Report of 2016 now available

The Annual Reports of CMVS's Machine Vision Group (MVG) is now available as a part of the Infotech Oulu Annual Report.

13.9.2017 News

Newspaper article on Xiaobai Li’s doctoral thesis work

Kaleva, the local newspaper in Oulu Region has published an article on reading subtle information from human faces.

13.9.2017 News

Doctoral study introduces a system for smart living space towards hidden interfaces

Matti Matilainen defended his doctoral study titled “Embedded computer vision methods for human activity recognition” on 8 September, 2017.

29.8.2017 News

Master’s thesis position (Research Assistant) in machine vision

The Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS) at the University of Oulu ( is inviting applications for

17.7.2017 News

Guoying Zhao and Matti Pietikäinen are considered as Finland's most publishing researchers on AI in 2015-16

According to Digibarometri 2017 report (see pages 26 and 28) published in Jun. 15, Assoc. Prof.

17.7.2017 News

CMVS contributes to emotion analysis in a new TEKES funded project

Tekes has granted funding to a project set up by a consortium including University of Helsinki, University of Oulu and Aalto University, for studying

12.5.2017 News

Open positions for doctoral student or postdoctoral researcher in machine vision (complementary call)

This is a complementary call inviting applications to the topics of 1) distributed learning/multi-modal learning, 2) computer vision for augmented/virtual reality only.

11.1.2017 News

CMVS ended year 2016 with 35 anniversary celebrations and IPTA conference

MVG 35 year anniversary 16.12.2016

10.1.2017 News

Open positions for doctoral student or postdoctoral researcher in machine vision

The Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS) at the University of Oulu, Finland, is inviting applications for positions:

10.10.2016 News

A key project application from CMVS chosen by the Academy of Finland

Key project funding by the Finnish Academy is targeted especially to the early-career researchers whose projects have been highly rated in previously organised peer reviews.

10.10.2016 News

CMVS researchers organize two workshops in conjunction with ACCV 2016

Two international workshops are organized by CMVS researchers  in conjunction with ACCV 2016. Dr.  Ziheng Zhou and Assoc. Prof. Guoying Zhao from CMVS, together with Assoc. Prof.

9.9.2016 News

Machine Vision Researchers awarded at BTAS2016

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Jukka Komulainen and his co-authors from the research unit Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS)  have been awarded the  Five Year Highest Impact Award at BTAS2016 conference.

25.8.2016 News

Academy of Finland funding to Janne Heikkilä to develop computer vision methods for application of computer-mediated reality

Prof. Janne Heikkilä has received four year research funding for project titled “3D vision based methods for computer-mediated reality”.

31.5.2016 News

Doctoral student positions in I4Future Doctoral Programme

Novel Imaging and Characterisation Methods in Bio, Medical and Environmental Research and Technology Innovations (I4Future) is a new international doctora

31.5.2016 News

Academy Research funding to Adj. Prof. Abdenour Hadid

Adj. Prof. Abdenour Hadid has received follow-on funding for research costs related to his Academy Research Fellow project titled “Texture Based Techniques for Robust Face Biometrics”.

31.5.2016 News

Annual Reports of 2015 now available

The Annual Reports of CMVS's Machine Vision and Biomedical Engineering