Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis (CMVS) is creative, open and internationally attractive research environment

Our research personnel consists of postgraduate students, postdoctoral and senior researchers. The mobility of our researchers to leading research groups abroad, and vice versa, is intense. CMVS has an extensive international collaboration network. We are committed to give freedom for our researchers and students to promote their own ideas and careers.

Current members of our personnel are outstanding researchers from various countries.


Positions in CMVS

Our new research personnel is recruited using international calls for applications. Open calls will be linked here when they are available.

  • Master’s thesis position (Research Assistant) with a topic 3D structure-from-motion using convolutional neural networks. Application deadline September 22, 2017. Call and the application form.

Visitors to CMVS

If you are interested in joining CMVS as a visiting scholar, please contact any of our professors directly.


CMVS offers thesis positions for BSc and MSc studies as well as internship opportunities. For thesis positions, please visit our teaching page. For internship opportunities, contact our professors.

Non-military service placements / Siviilipalvelus

We offer non-military service placements for Finnish nationals on a constant basis. Please contact any of our professors.

Last updated: 29.8.2017