Fidipro Fellow project, Facial Behaviour Analysis “in-the-wild”, kick off meeting held in January

The kick-off meeting of Fidipro Fellow project - Facial Behaviour Analysis “in-the-wild” (WildFace) - was held in Jan. 2016.

Assoc. Prof. Stefanos Zafeiriou is the Fidipro Fellow and Assoc. Prof. Guoying Zhao is the director of the project. The representative from Tekes, Innovation service of University of Oulu, and from company partners, Mypose, Playsign, Cyberlightning, Visidon, Seeingmachines, and researchers from CMVS joined the meeting and discussion.

This project starts in Jan. 2016 and ends in Mar. 2019. The aim of the project is to develop algorithms for machine analysis of facial behavior that are expected to work well for data recorded by a device as cheap as a web-cam and in almost arbitrary recording conditions.

Last updated: 26.6.2016