Cell Segmentation

We propose a method for cell segmentation which can handle arbitrary cell shapes. It uses an edge detector's probability map to create a wedge between touching cells and uses graph cuts to segment individual cells. The main advantage of our method is that it is capable of handling complex cell shapes because it does not make any assumptions about the cell shape.

Fig.: Maximum intensity projection (view from top) for a sample sequence. From left to right: Original stack, our method, 3D Graph Cuts, Farsight, MINS and 3D MLC.


S. U. Akram, J. Kannala, M. Kaakinen, L. Eklund, and J. Heikkilä (2014),
Segmentation of Cells from Spinning Disk Confocal Images Using a Multi-stage Approach, in Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV).

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Last updated: 26.8.2016