Remote health monitoring

VITALSENS: Personalized Remote Monitoring Health Platform

The purpose of the VITALSENS project is to design a smart, cost effective and scale-able personalized biomedical remote monitoring health platform. Printable wireless electronic sensors for continuous ECG monitoring are designed. ECG recordings are stored in a cloud storage. We develop a computational engine which processes the physiological measurements and provide automated event detection for cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). The primary focus is to create an intelligent processing system which is adaptive to the patient ECG recording.

We have built Oulu Signal processing platform (OSPP) which has various pipelines implemented for arrhythmia events detection and computing heart rate variability features. Pipelines are constructed by placing processing components using concepts of distributed network connected using WAMP platform allowing OSPP operate in both realtime and offline modes. Each network node has one or more algorithms running on them and they connect with each other to construct signal processing pipelines.
Machine learning and data analysis techniques are used to provide automatic configuration of pipeline components based on the patient ECG recordings.

Last updated: 21.11.2016