Wearable smart devices


Purpose of Escape is to study the use of wearable smart devices measuring cardiovascular activity with ECG and wrist-based photoplethysmography (PPG) to monitor the patient’s cardiovascular indexes round the clock. Algorithms developed in Matlab first preprocess signals to detect and remove motion artifacts using accelerometer data. Time and frequency domain measures from heart rate signal are then computed. Comparisons are made between the ECG-based and PPG-based devices in order to find out if PPG-based devices can be used to monitor the cardiovascular state of patients with enhanced ease. The wrist-based PPG, with the lack of electrode wires and ECG electrodes on skin, would offer great advantages for continuous monitoring of out-patients.

Intelligent exercise management

We perform research and development of efficient monitoring of physical exercise performance to be utilized in strength management and fitness applications. We collect related databases using wearable technologies within controlled physical activity protocols. Machine learning and signal analysis techniques are used to provide instant real-time information to those who are performing physical exercises and aim to do so optimally. In addition to physically active persons and sportsmen, a special target group is cardiac patients under cardiac rehabilitation.


Last updated: 21.11.2016