Elina Tapio

Postdoctoral researcher
English Philology, Faculty of Humanities

My PhD research (2013) analysed the crucial social actions taken by Finnish Sign Language (FinSL) signers with regards to English. On finishing my thesis and beginning a new research project, I became convinced that research into embodied and visual practices with English, particularly visually oriented multilingual arenas, can deepen our understanding of languaging and offer a new analytical lens with which to study our linguistic actions. I draw on socio-cultural, dialogical and ecological views on language and language learning, emphasising the multimodal resources in languaging in particular. 

My work since 2013 has been within the ethnographic research project ‘Institutional academic spaces enabling and/or disabling multilingual and multimodal meaning-making in a FinSL study programme’. This ongoing project strives for promoting social change in relation to misconceptions on deafness and language learning, and suggest that by turning our focus on embodied and visual practices taking place in domains where spoken language does not play the main role in communication could deepen our understanding of how human beings create meaning.


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