In addition to a systematic review of the literature, the CogAHealth project will implement four empirical studies. The people in charge of these studies are postdoctoral researchers Laura Palmgren-Neuvonen and Noora Hirvonen, along with Anna-Maija Huhta and Tuula Nygård, who are currently preparing their doctoral theses. The project’s academic manager is professor Maija-Leena Huotari.

Data have been collected in schools in spring semester 2017 by means of observation and interviews. Data collection methods based on participation will also be used: the children and young people will collect and produce data themselves, such as videos and text. Furthermore, data will be collected from social media by reading health-related blogs and by interviewing the young people who are behind the blogs.

The table below describes the entire academic project and its research projects.



Last updated: 26.2.2018