Frequently Asked Questions




  • University of Oulu postpones the Doctoral Conferment Ceremony until spring 2022. The new date will be published later.
  • All participants will be contacted personally regarding the registrations and the refunds for the event fees.
  • More information can be found on our website.

Dress Code

  • All Young Doctors and Honorary Doctors participating in the Conferment Ceremony should have a Doctoral hat and a sword
  • No handbags, purses, umbrellas or overcoats are allowed in Conferment Ceremony, Procession or in Ecumenical Service. Keys, handkerchiefs etc. must be hidden for instance in a pocket or sleeve.
  • In the Conferment Ceremony in Saalasti Hall all men (Doctors and avecs) wear tailcoat and women wear long black dress. Only guests that are following the Conferment Ceremony in L1 can wear black suit or jacket suit
  • If a woman has a dress with shorter sleeves the gloves should be longer (shows no skin) in Conferment Ceremony
  • The fabric of the dress should not be transparent or shiny in Conferment Ceremony
  • A woman can wear dress that has two parts or short/no sleeves if she wears a jacket with long sleeves
  • A woman can wear gloves in the Conferment Banquet and Ball if she wants to and if it is suitable for the dress
  • The dress code for the avec of a Young Doctor or an Honorary Doctor is “companion”


  • Young Doctors and Honorary Doctors can have one avec in Saalasti Hall (the Main Hall in the Conferment Ceremony). One avec is also welcome to Sword-Whetting, Conferment Banquet and Ball and to Sailing Trip. You are able to invite two other guests to follow the Conferment Ceremony in L1 via web stream. Unfortunately, because of the limitations of space you can invite only one avec to other events.
  • As an avec you can have e.g. spouse, grown-up child, other relative or a friend

Conferment Ceremony and Procession

  • Young Doctors and Honorary Doctors must participate in rehearsals in Saturday morning. The rehearsals on Friday evening are voluntary but highly recommended. You need to remember to bring the hat and the sword to the marshals to Saalasti Hall on Saturday morning. Avec does not need to participate in rehearsals.
  • Conferred Doctors (Young Doctors and Honorary Doctors) sit with their own groups in the Conferment Ceremony and in the Service as well as walk in together in Procession. Avecs are placed together in other parts of the Saalasti Hall, church and Procession.
  • You can bring your own snack and leave it in the coatroom on Saturday morning. Some snacks will also be offered after the rehearsals on Saturday.
  • The placing of the events is published in our webpages and the marshals will guide you to your seat. We will also send details of the events and placing to all who have enrolled the Conferment Ceremony.
  • Also avecs and relatives can travel by busses to the city centre as well as back to the university. You are able to leave cars at the university. Conferred Doctors travel together and use different busses than relatives.
  • As there are no restrooms available in the city centre, you should “powder your nose” at the university after the Conferment Ceremony, if needed.
  • There are water bottles available in the busses.
  • We recommend that you have a good breakfast in the Saturday morning, as the day will be very long.
  • Please do not clap nor take photos/video during the Conferment Cerenomy.

Other things

  • It is not mandatory to dance old dances in the Saturday evening. Audience members are also needed.
  • There will be only a light buffet available on Sword-Whetting on Friday - please take this into account while prepairing for the event.
  • We will offer a public streaming of the Conferment Ceremony.

Last updated: 22.1.2021