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19.3.2013 News

Information skills


11.3.2013 News

2nd International UBI Challenge 2013: Call for proposals

UBI research program, coordinated by MediaTeam Oulu research group, will host the second International UBI Challenge, where the urban informatic

1.3.2013 News

UBI Summer School 2013: call for applications

  The 4th International UBI Summer School 2013 will be held in Oulu, Finland, on June 10 - 15, 2013.

1.3.2013 News

Discussion for CSE staff about the new IT school (Mar 15., at 12-14)

  You are welcome to discuss the new IT school on Friday, March 15th, at 12-14 (TS128).

21.2.2013 News

Robust digital watermarking techniques for printed images

Digital watermarking techniques enable hiding imperceptible information to images - information which can be extracted later from those images.

13.2.2013 News

Indoor Atlas Ltd. seeks for Diploma / Master thesis worker

IndoorAtlas Ltd. has an opening for  Diploma /Master thesis worker in its algorithm development team in Oulu.

6.2.2013 News

English communication studies for teacher-researchers

  Registration is open for the following courses:

23.1.2013 News

Improved techniques for motion estimation and analysis from videos

Estimation of 2-D motion  is required in many video processing and computer vision tasks.

21.1.2013 News

A method and web service for mining novelty topics from TV broadcasts

Researchers at our MediaTeam Oulu Research Group have developed a method that detects and summarizes novelty topics from closed captions transcripts in b

18.1.2013 News

5000 EUR Grant available for M.Sc.Thesis "Tailoring UBI-hotspot for the Oulu City Library"

MediaTeam Oulu research group seeks a M.Sc.

4.1.2013 News

Application Specific Signal Processors - course starts on Jan 10

The opening lecture for the course "Application Specific Signal Processors" (521281S) will be on January 10, at 8:15 in lect

2.1.2013 News

Embedded Software Project 2013 - start postponed until Jan 10

Embedded software project (8cu) course begins, contrary to previous information, on Thursday the 10th at 12.15 in TS101.

20.12.2012 News

15th Anniversary of MediaTeam Oulu Research Group – history released

MediaTeam Oulu is a research group operating at the CSE - Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

19.12.2012 News

Job: Two Postdoctoral Researchers in computer vision

The Center for Machine Vision Research (CMV), University of Oulu, Finland, is renowned worldwide for its expertise in computer vision.

19.12.2012 News

Statistical signal processing starts Jan 7 2013

  Teaching in course Statistical signal processing starts January 2013: lectures Jan 7 at 10-12 class TS101 excercises Jan 23 at 10-12 class TS101  

7.12.2012 News

CSE recruits at Pesti Career Day

Department of Computer Science and Engineering CSE is participating in the Pesti Career Day, organized on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 9-16 at the University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus.

16.11.2012 News

Job: Postdoctoral Researcher in Ubiquitous Computing

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has an opening for Postdoctoral

12.11.2012 News

Changes during Abi days Nov 14.-15.

521302A Circuit theory 1, Wed Nov 14 at 12-14 has been transferred from TS 101 to IT 115.521259S Digital video processing- Wed Nov 14 at 10-12 cancelled

12.11.2012 News

New research results on hash function security

The amount of electronic communication has grown enormously. This has posed some new problems in information security. In particular, the methods in cryptography have been under much scrutiny.

25.10.2012 News

SIGCHI Finland User Centric Design SIG seminar, Tuesday 6.11.2012 at 13-15

  SIGCHI Finland User Centric Design SIG seminar will be held in Oulu on Tuesday 6.11.2012 at 13-15 - Welcome! The seminar theme is Mobile Technology Tools for Schools.