Biomedical Engineering Research Group

Biomedical Engineering Research Group (BME) is a cross-disciplinary research group between two faculties of the University of Oulu: Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Medicine.

The mission of BME is to carry out significant basic, applied and translational research in biomedical engineering at an internationally high level. The aim is to develop, apply and evaluate novel biomedical measurement technologies in health and wellbeing.

The research profile of BME is based on linking technology and medicine, with an aim to utilize electrical engineering, information engineering, signal and image processing, pattern recognition, biophysics, applied mathematics, simulation, biomedicine and clinical medicine.

BME is jointly led by Prof. Tapio Seppänen (Department of computer science and engineering, Faculty of Technology) and prof. Timo Jämsä (Department of medical technology, Faculty of Medicine). Their teams are, respectively:

BME has strong national and international collaboration, including partners in USA (Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, MIT) and Japan (Tohoku University) in addition to many European universities.

BME also collaborates actively to develop education in biomedical engineering of the University of Oulu through WellTech Oulu and Oulu School of Biomedical Engineering. BME is an associate member of Infotech Oulu.

Last updated: 2.2.2012