Biosignal Processing Team

Biosignal Processing Team is a part of Biomedical Engineering Research Group (BME). Our team has a focus on biosignal processing research concerning the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system.

We study signal analysis methods for identifying biological systems, determining their state and predicting their future behavior. The key application areas are the measurement of the cardio-vascular system and central nervous system, e.g. analysis of electrocardiogram and blood pressure signals, measurement of effects of multiple medication under anesthesia, and brain connectivity.

The complexity of biomedical signals provides big challenges for research. Adaptive noise filtering methods are often needed due to the non-stationarity of the signals, accurate segmentation methods are necessary for detecting sudden changes in signal characteristics, and the dynamic nature and non-linearity of the system in question should be taken into account in signal characterization. The fusion of information from many sensors must also be considered in some applications. Our main technologies include digital signal processing and pattern recognition.

Our group has studied heart signal analysis and applications for 20 years in cooperation with the University Hospital of Oulu and local companies. The overall goal of the research is to find methods for advanced clinical diagnostic systems, self-management of health and the quality of life. The most important applications have been fitness measurement, health indicators and detection of heart diseases.

Last updated: 6.3.2012