Open source software

Here you can download some of our research results, released in open source manner.

Density forecasting tools for R

As a result from Probability predictions to production efficiency project (Prob2E) by DataAI Group:

Beanplot.preddensity is an extension to R-package beanplot that provides a new function to parallel visualization of density forecasts and related observed densities. It can be installed like a normal R-package.

Download here for windows
Download here for linux

RPP_margin_opt and RPP_control_var_opt are two algorithms for the utilization of density forecasts or other probabilistic predictions to optimize manufacturing processes.

RPP_margin_opt optimizes the target value of a quality property while RPP_control_var_opt optimizes controllable variables in manufacturing planning or model predictive control.

The algorithms are implemented using R programming language.

Download algorithms and documentation package here


Software Components Realizing the Proven Interactions

This deliverable provides the example applications that were implemented during the three first years of DIEM project to test different multimodal and multidevice user interfaces.

File contains the applications and instructions to run the code. Also, it includes file D4.2.3_Software_Components.pdf that contains specific information about the software.


Gesture recognizer

This open source software "Gesture recognizer" has been developed at the BISG within the UbiLife project.

The software offers a system for accelerometer-based gesture control. The training and recognition are based on hidden Markov models (HMM); both isolated and continuous recognition modes are supported. The system offers a Java-based API, plus a platform-independent, socket-based interface.

Download the software here (zip file, size: 6 761 KB)


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Last updated: 7.4.2014