20.10.2017 Event

Event for ICT Students: Your Future Career in ICT - Job Opportunities in Oulu Region

Livestream via Adobe Connect at  

16.12.2016 Event

Machine Vision Group 35th Anniversary

Time: 9:00-13:30 Venue: Saalastinsali, University of Oulu  

12.12.2016 to 15.12.2016 Event

IPTA 2016 - the 6th International Conference on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications

Machine Vision Group of the research unit Center for Machine Vision and Signal Analysis CMVS is hosting the sixth International Conf

21.9.2016 Event

Public Defence: Lightweight Data and Knowledge Exchange for Pervasive Environments

Xiang Su Time: 12:00 Venue: IT 116

22.4.2016 to 23.4.2016 Event

OuluHealth Tieto Hack


1.4.2016 to 3.4.2016 Event

3D Oulu Hackathon


30.10.2015 Event

Dissertation: Exploring the use of rule-based reasoning in ubiquitous computing applications

Master of Science Ekaterina Gilman will defend her doctoral thesis "Exploring the use of

12.10.2015 to 15.10.2015 Event

9th International Crisis Management Workshop (CriM'15) and Oulu Winter School

Venue: University of Oulu, Linnanmaa campus, lecture room TS 128, entrance E.

11.9.2015 Event

Dissertation: Model selection in time series machine learning applications

Master of Science Eija Ferreira will defend her doctoral thesis  "Model selection in time series

21.8.2015 Event

Dissertation: Software-based countermeasures to 2D facial spoofing attacks

Master of Science (Eng.) Jukka Komulainen will defend his doctoral thesis "Software-based countermeasures to 2D

19.8.2015 Event

Dissertation: Algebraic methods for constructing blur-invariant operators and their applications

Master of Science Matteo Pedone will defend his doctoral thesis "Algebraic methods for constructing blur-invariant operators and

14.8.2015 Event

Dissertation: From images to point clouds

Master of Science Daniel Herrera Castro will defend his doctoral thesis "From images to point clouds : practical considerations

14.8.2015 Event

Dissertation: Situated crowdsourcing

Master of Science Jorge Goncalves will defend his doctoral thesis "Situated crowdsourcing : feasibility, performance and behavio

8.6.2015 to 13.6.2015 Event

6th International UBI Summer School 2015

UBISS 2015 - the 6th International UBI Summer School 2015 - will be held in Oulu, Finland in June.

1.6.2015 to 5.6.2015 Event

euRathlon/SHERPA Summer School 2015 on Field Robotics

The euRathlon/SHERPA Summer School 2015 will be held in Oulu, Finland.

24.4.2015 Event

Start Up -seminar


27.2.2015 Event

Face Recognition from Video - FiDiPro Xilin Chen

FiDiPro Professor Xilin Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences) talks about his recent research on face recognition from low-quality videos.

16.12.2014 Event

Mini-course: Learning architectures for visual object recognition

Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program