Location and maps

Street address

Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 3, door E
90570 Oulu

The research groups of Computer Science and Engineering are located in the third floor of the Tietotalo 1, near Linnanmaa main bus stop (Yliopisto E).

A well visible landmark is the telecommunications mast on the roof of the building (see Google Street View of Tietotalo 1 below). The main entrance, Door E, is just below the mast.


Here you can find floor plan of Computer Science and Engineering:


Use Oulu Campus Navigator to find out palces inside University.

Some information of both University and City of Oulu:

Travelling by bus or taxi to Linnanmaa Campus

Bus number 9 leaves from the Oulu airport. Its route goes via city centre. In the city centre (bus stop Toripakka), you have to switch into a bus numbered 1, 2, 3, 8B or 22. All these lines take you to Linnanmaa campus. Travelling time is altogether about an hour.

With taxi you can reach the campus from the airport in about 25 minutes.

The travel time from city centre to Linnanmaa campus by bus is about 15 minutes.

Bus timetables are available at Oulu public transport pages.


Last updated: 31.3.2020