Active Aquarium commercialized by Polar Electro

CSE´s research collaboration with Polar Electro has produced Active Aquarium software for visualizing in virtual space the data produced in a real-life situation. The fish in the aquarium have different appearance and behavior according to the data received from Polar activity monitors, wrist worn devices measuring the physical activity of their users.

The research work was initially launched within the DIEM programme of TIVIT - one of Finland’s Strategic Centres for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOKs) and has been continuing within its Internet of Things programme. The work has been co-supervised by Professor Jukka Riekki and Vesa Tornberg from Polar Electro. Development work has been mainly carried out by Research Scientist Mika Oja from CSE.

Active Aquarium is a flexible software, where new data sources can easily be added, the aquarium can be displayed at the same time for several different displays. The visualization is of use to both system maintenance as well as for end-users to guide them into increased physical activeness. Alternatively, the data to be visualized could well be e.g. the energy consumption of a house, air quality of a city, or the amount of data traffic in a telecommunication network.

Polar Electro has develop and launched a product, Polar Activarium, based on these results. Activarium visualizes physical activity as aquarium game for children. It forms a part of the Polar´s physical education products at

The development work is continued in the Internet of Things programme by implementing other types of visualization and by finding the best way of supporting the user in achieving his/her goals. RealXtend open source software will be used for visualizing the Internet of Things in 3D.

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Last updated: 7.6.2012