Apps4Finland 2012 - compete in making use of public data

Apps4Finland 2012 is a competition where you can compete with ideas and functional web applications, widgets, mashups, mobile apps and other digital utilities which make use of  public data. Prizes are worth of  20,000 euros in total.

The competition contains five categories:

  • Idea Category – Participate by sharing your ideas for how to use open data. You will help developers in finding interesting application and visualizing opportunities.
  • Application Category –  Participate by creating an application which uses open data.
  • Visualisation Category – Participate by visualizing open data or present a datajournalism project.
  • Data Category looks for competition entries which have made data more accessible. The entries can include new data sets or improvements to existing ones.
  • Data Tutorial – Participate by creating a tutorial for using open data with some source code.

Submit your idea or app by Oct 28, 2012 3.00 PM.

Winners will be announced on Dec 4, 2012 in Helsinki.

Last updated: 15.8.2012