Extensive media coverage for social robot research in Finland


Academy of Finland organized on August 16 an event, where professors Matti Pietikäinen and Juha Röning presented the current state of their project on affective human robot interaction, funded e.g. within the Motive research program.

The robot being built, called Minotaurus, will be able to interpret the emotional stage of a person approaching it and adopt its behavior accordingly. It will also be capable of moving independently in the environment.

Robot understands speech and gestures and responds with an avatar appearing in its display.

Center for Machine Vision Research brings its expertise in human recognition (face and speech analysis) and Intelligent Systems Group its expertise in mobile robotics.

The recent developments in this social robot raised a large interest in the Finnish media and were covered in numerous local newspapers and the main tech-releases.

Videos on the capabilities of Minotaurus

Press release in Finnish



Last updated: 18.10.2013