Job: Postdoctoral Researcher in Ubiquitous Computing

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has an opening for Postdoctoral Researcher in Ubiquitous Computing.

The department has three world-class research units working in related areas: MediaTeam Oulu research group, the Center for Machine Vision Research, and Intelligent Systems Group.

Our Ubiquitous computing research focuses on next generation ubiquitous computing systems and their application in authentic real world settings. Particular research topics of interest include human-computer/city-interaction; interactive and smart spaces; Internet of Things; mobile and context-aware computing; security and privacy; tangible, embedded and embodied interaction; and urban computing.

MediaTeam Oulu coordinates the multidisciplinary UBI (UrBan Interactions) research program that has deployed the Open UBI Oulu city laboratory at downtown Oulu for studying human-city interaction in authentic urban setting with real users.

Last updated: 16.11.2012