Application Specific Signal Processors - course starts on Jan 10

The opening lecture for the course "Application Specific Signal Processors" (521281S) will be on January 10, at 8:15 in lecture room TS126. The course is intended for advanced-level students (preferably 4th year or later) and graduate students.

During the course students will learn how to construct custom processors for specific applications. The core application domain of the course is embedded signal processing, but the course content will be insightful for anyone interested in understanding the low-level computations taking place within processors.

The course is practice-oriented in the sense that most of the work time during the course, students will work independently with processor design that ends up in realizing the processor to an FPGA board. The software used in teaching is fully open source and the FPGA boards are low-cost devices, which allows the students to use the acquired knowledge in later stages of their studies or professional purposes.


Last updated: 4.1.2013