5000 EUR Grant available for M.Sc.Thesis "Tailoring UBI-hotspot for the Oulu City Library"

MediaTeam Oulu research group seeks a M.Sc. thesis worker to design, implement and evaluate a version of the UBI-hotspot that is tailored according to the needs of the Oulu City Library and their customers.

The thesis begins with a study of the needs of the Oulu City Library and their customers that they have regarding their mutual communication. The following design phase identifies which of these needs could be satisfied with a tailored version of the UBI-hotspot located at the lobby of the Oulu City Library and potentially with the UBI-hotspots deployed elsewhere in the City.

The thesis worker will then implement the tailored UBI-hotspot, followed by an empirical evaluation with a small user study.

The thesis can be started immediately. 5000 EUR tax free grant will be paid for an approved thesis.

A successful applicant has been successful in her/his studies, has good skills in web programming and has genuine interest in research. The thesis worker will join the research team of the UBI research program, getting a unique chance to work in a cutting edge international research program.

The application should include a cover letter, CV and an up-to-date transcript of university studies.

Submit your application via email to Professor Timo Ojala by Friday 1.2.2013 at 15:00. Further information is provided by Professor Ojala via email.

Last updated: 18.1.2013