Robust digital watermarking techniques for printed images

Digital watermarking techniques enable hiding imperceptible information to images - information which can be extracted later from those images.

Traditionally, the focus of watermarking research has been the digital domain. However, a vast amount of images still appear in some physical format such as in books, posters or labels, and there are a number of possible applications of hidden information also in image printouts.

The watermarked image appears in a printout and the invisible information can be later extracted using a scanner or mobile phone camera and watermark extraction software. The watermarking method has to be carefully designed because both the printing and capturing process cause distortions that make watermark extraction challenging.

MSc (Eng.) Anja Keskinarkaus has developed in her PhD thesis watermarking methods robust to printing and capturing. The focus of her study is on developing blind, multibit watermarking techniques, where the robustness of the algorithms is tested in an office environment, using standard office equipment.

The public defense of the PhD thesis will take place in Linnanmaa campus, Tietotalo I, lecture room TS 101 on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12 noon.



Last updated: 21.2.2013