Two Academy of Finland positions to CSE

CMV Senior Researcher, Adjunct Professor Abdenour Hadid has received a five-year Academy of Finland Research Fellowship, and MediaTeam Researcher, Dr. Hannu Kukka a three-year position as Postdoctoral Researcher from September 2013 onwards.

Both of these funding forms are highly competed: only ten to fifteen percent of the applicants succeeded within the fields of natural sciences and engineering.

In his research project, Dr. Hadid will carry out in-depth investigations on novel families of facial representations for more robust and trusted face biometric systems.

"Face biometrics - that is identifying individuals based on their face information - is still a major area of research despite of the great deal of progress during the recent years. My project also aims at developing a unified framework and providing solid arguments for using texture descriptors in face analysis and beyond", he explains.

Hannu Kukka is currently on a one-year research visit to Human Computer Interaction Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. During his newly funded postdoctoral research project named “UBI HIB”, Dr. Kukka will apply human information behavior theories as analytical tools to study large-scale ubiquitous and urban computing systems.

“My project aims to uncover emerging practices in the way people seek information while operating in smart urban spaces - public locations or other shared places embedded with computational intelligence. The main contribution of the project is to build a mature research methodology that may be used by other researchers”, Kukka states.

Academy of Finland press release

Last updated: 14.5.2013