Administative roles

Degree Program Head

Prof. Janne Heikkilä

Primary Student Counsellor

Departmental secretary Varpu Pitkänen

Representative in Education Committee of the Faculty of ITEE

Prof. Janne Heikkilä

Member of Doctoral training committee for Technology and Natural Sciences at UniOGS

Prof. Vassilis Kostakos

Deputy Member of Doctoral training committee for Technology and Natural Sciences at UniOGS

Prof. Juha Röning

Representative of other staff in Faculty Board

Dr. Heli Koskimäki

Attendant Sauli Broström
Anssi Rimpiläinen
Antti Nevatalo
Jari Pakarinen
Vesa Kaltio
IT Administration
Ilkka Virtanen
Lasse Salmijärvi
Timo Mäkinen


Degree Program Committee

The Degree Program Head and the Degree Program Committee are responsible for undergraduate and graduate studies, for teaching and its development. Committee meetings are arranged once a month. The members are:

  • Prof. Janne Heikkilä (chair)
  • Act. Prof. Jari Hannuksela
  • Senior Research Fellow Mika Rautiainen
  • Oula Kuuva (student member), Matti Pulkkinen (student vice member)
  • Soili Törmälä (secretary)

Together with the Committee Head, the committee handles all applications related to theses, accepts master's theses and recommends bachelor’s, master’s and licentiate's degrees to the Faculty of Technology. Moreover, the committee maintains and develops the degree program: develops the curriculum, prepares documentation of the curriculum, organizes events, and so on.  The Degree Programme Head:

  • accepts the curriculum related to individual study modules
  • accepts personal curriculums (HOPS)
  • credits the studies performed outside the University of Oulu
  • nominates the supervisors of the master's and licentiate's theses
  • recommends the bachelor's and master's degrees to Dean of Education
  • grants the permissions for postgraduate studies for leading to licentiate's degree (if the student has graduated from the department)

The Degree Programme Committee:

  • grades the master's theses based on supervisors' statement
  • accepts the licentiate's theses based on supervisors' statement

Postgraduate Studies Committee

The Postgraduate Studies Committee is, together with the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS), responsible for postgraduate studies and improving the quality of the research conducted at CSE. The committee approves the extent (in credit units) of postgraduate courses. The other tasks of the Committee will be determined after the actual launch of UniOGS's practices.

  • Prof. Juha Röning (chair)
  • Prof. Janne Heikkilä
  • Prof. Tapio Seppänen
  • Prof. Timo Ojala
  • Elina Rossi (secretary)

Study Affairs Office

The study affairs office provides services for all students from Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical Engineering (EE) and Communications Engineering (DCE). It is located in Tietotalo 1, 1st floor. The opening hours are 9:30 - 14:00.

  • Varpu Pitkänen (room TS112)
  • Maritta Juvani (room TS114)
  • Vaili Jämsä-Uusitalo (room TS110)

The law, statute, and rules governing our department can be found at



Last updated: 31.12.2015